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2017 is already becoming the most awesome year ever and here’s why…

I’m at Level 32, going to reach Level 33 by April 1st, but even before that, some groundbreaking developments are taking place. It is true, there is no better time to be alive, than right now.

Let me put this into perspective:

I’m sitting next to my mother in the hospital after a seizure that better medication labelling/instructions from the doc could have prevented. She already went through hell during the last months of 2016 with a stroke leading to expressive aphasia. So how can I say that I’m so excited? Well, other than this hiccup slipping through the cracks of protocol, they have done an amazing job with her and she has been recovering. Also because my family is stronger now more than ever and we won’t stop doing our best to help. For this I am truly grateful. Music therapy has been working wonders as well, and perhaps I will make another post later about how it ties into sacred geometry.

But that’s not the only reason I’m happy.

It’s mainly because I refuse to be brought down (for long) by things out of my control. On the contrary, We are all in control of our own personal happiness unless we surrender that power to someone or something else. I choose to continue my mission in life; to inspire those who appreciate my hard, passionate work which reflects the beautiful dichotomies of life and death, energy and entropy, higher dimensions and our natural ability to adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Milestones on the horizon for ’17:

• Finishing the Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 4 of 4 (God Beetle)

• POOL Trade-show in Las Vegas

• More public art/murals

• Art Tour 2017: Europe I

• Art Tour 2017: USA II

• My painting will be featured on Southern Star‘s Limited Edition Art Cans thanks to the owner Dave and hats off to M. H. Draper, their primary graphic artist. (He is super talented, so check out his work and hit him up for a design. He’s also a solid mate. One of the very few I’ve known through the years.)

The first show of the year is tomorrow for our monthly Second Saturday Open Studios at Winter St. Then comes Artopia again and I’m really looking forward to it as last year was bonkers! Both events I will be at 2101 Winter St. Houston, Tx 77007, with my Studio #B8 doors open.

Next is POOL in February, which promises to elevate my brand, Point506‘s game tremendously. We will have a chance to sell bulk orders to all kinds of shops around the nation. I know we’ll do fantastic because we are ready for this. How do I know? Because we were approached at Renegade Craft Fair in LA last year by one of their scouts. This is how the universe tends to work in my experience. I launch a rocket of desire. I sometimes obsess over it, but eventually, I let go of it. Then it comes to me when I’m truly ready. The universe said it’s time, so let’s go!

I also might move to central Texas or another state soon. I want to be in a non-flood zone as global temperatures increase and sea-levels are predicted to rise very soon. Now you know. I intend to be prepared for survival in this case and some of my ambitious career plans might bet set back.

That’s about it.

No need to over do it. And I’m totally not worried if some of these things don’t happen in the next 352 days. This year’s mantra is FOCUS. I am primarily focused on my work and sharing it with the world. God Beetle is taking flight and it is a juggernaut!

So, what is your mission? Do you believe you have a purpose and are you doing whatever it takes to fulfill your destiny? (I really want to know your story in the comments:)

I’m tuning out the noise.

It feels stupendous.

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    • Roseanne
    • January 24, 2017

    Hey Fink! Great read! You’re moving fluidly, eh! I appreciate your thoughts and perspective. Much needed reminder of how the universe works, yup. I am not ready to say I’m living my purpose but rising again, for sure. Take care. Go spread the goodness with your awesome endeavors. Ciao~

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    Hi Vincent, So glad to read these comments from you. I also had a stroke in 2016 but it was in January and only affected my motor skills on the left side. Recovery has been slow, but also miraculous. I am back to my art and now my designs are also on scarves, wraps, shirts , tote bags and throw pillows. Yes I think 2017 will be a wonderful year. So happy for your mom and for you. If she ever wants to talk with a fellow stroke survivor, I am happy to do so. Best of luck, and I hope to keep up with your progress. My fabric designs are at Happy 2017!

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