Art Show Display – Level: Pro

Just got my Pro Panels set up with track lighting all inside a 10×10 tent ready to make an impression at any art fair across the nation, and that’s exactly what I intend to do with it. I had to put a couple works in progress into the tent for these pic’s for now, but the cool thing about being a digital artist as well is that I can Photoshop the finished pieces in there if need be at a later point. The main purpose of these shots are to show that my display is professional enough to get into the top tier shows around the nation. Of course this includes local Houston art markets, but I’m sending submissions to California, Washington and abroad.

Check out my 1st arrangement with these “knock down” pro panels and lights. It really has taken this 10×10 to the next level… next comes the banner…

We’ll be adding some dates to the calendar section of the site soon too! I have gotten accepted into a couple juried art shows, one of which will be at another museum!

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