Live TV Broadcast on Channel 11 KHOU News interview from Vincent’s personal studio B8 for Great Day Houston morning program, with demonstration of screen-printing process. Reporter Sherry Williams also recorded Facebook Live feed in between TV cuts. (and bought a screen-print, 2016)

The Big Show: Betsy Huete’s Top 10:
7. Vincent Fink,
Curiosity (2), 2014
Vincent Fink’s
Curiosity (2) at first glance looks like a run of the mill urban scene: concrete, an apartment building, clothesline, and a chain-link fence with a cautionary sign comprise a tall, skinny acrylic panel. But things quickly get weird as six parrots perch atop the breast pocket of a giant office shirt as an oblivious origami cat, sitting next to an errant Gatorade bottle, stares quietly off into the distance. With vivid colors and tightly controlled surrealist moments, Curiosity (2) feels like a wistful daydream.

Culture Map Photo Essay on WHAM 2013:
Known for his surrealistic works, Vincent Fink is the creative force behind Point 506. Fink, who has said that the surrealistic depictions he creates are inspired by his dreams, seeks to combine waking life and his imaginative dreams into his pieces.

His collection includes hand-drawn and screen-printed T-shirts and bags, pendants, cards, prints, framed ink drawings, and original acrylic paintings, as well as painting reproductions.

100 Creatives Houston Press Interview:
What He Does: Vincent Fink has been a graphic designer ever since he left the Art Institute of Houston in 2005. He found a nice high-paying job doing what he loved, but a cruel and verbally abusive production manager inspired him to strike out on his own. Now he heads Point 506 Clothing & Graphic Design. They’re an independent fashion company here in Houston that aspires to produce unique artist interpretations of scientific concepts and to bring an air of enlightenment to modern fashion.


Every single design comes right out of the talented left hand of Fink, who feels that a trendy design should have a deeper meaning than just ‘Hey, it looks cool.’ Fashion doesn’t have to be empty; it can show off centuries of expanded mathematical thought, and that’s what he offers on his shirts.


From The Q&A with Fresh Arts:
Q: Why do you think art is important in today’s society?
A: Art is always important and relevant, but as for today’s society, people really appreciate it because it is one of the best ways we can freely express our ideas, emotions, and also our reasoning. We’re coming to a point in time, the telescoping of time, if you will, where things seem to be speeding up. The world, and our country are changing rapidly. Information is at our fingertips, but misinformation is as well. We’re adapting, we’re becoming. We smile at death. Mankind as a whole changes his view of the world. We are creating the next paradigm shift. Art reminds us that one person can make a difference in many people through the exchange of energy, and find common ground where divisions once stood. Creativity shapes our world everyday for better or worse.

Printed in January 2012 issue of The Houston Press:
“Vincent Fink’s work is surrealism in it’s purest form. His dark images with warped perspectives invite the viewer into a world that came from a lucid dream in which he observed the completed work. Pushing himself to recreate something that was beyond his imagination and skill in his waking life, Vincent has used this inspiration to develop the Metamorphosis Project, a concept that continues to spawn the hidden messages of his dreams.”

Penya Artiste Imaginarium:

“Currently, his work tells a story of transformation. It’s kind of scary with a sense of goodness attached to it. It’s scary because he tells a story of something unknown and good because…well, transformations of any kind…lead to new events. What will it all become? You’ll have to follow Vincent to find out…and I know I don’t want to miss the unraveling!”


Nevermind The RIZZRAZZ:

“The talented Mr. Fink is a class act. He is from Houston, born-and-bred. From animation to painting to screen printing, Vincent has journeyed through different creative realms to find his ‘true voice’.  And now that he feels he has found it, he aspires to showcase his skills on a bigger stage.”
(Printed in the Houston Inner Loop newspaper, May 2013)


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