Too Much: WIN The Creative Struggle with FOCUS

This is where many have faltered in the past: We do too much. Personally, I am just so inspired by the many mediums and subjects to explore. How do other artists only do one thing? I can’t seem to get myself to do it, even though I want to. Do you just hide all your other work or do you not allow yourself to venture away from “your style”? (I really want to know.)

Or perhaps you’re like me. Do you invest time into too many things? Are you spread too thin? Do you ever feel like you already messed up this life and are just waiting for the next one to get it right?

Sometimes I do. But I can’t wait for then next life, there is no guarantee of that, and, honestly, there’s no guarantee of tomorrow either. So we must prioritize and straighten the course. The way to do this is to focus on the most important task first. Usually the most important task is the hardest challenge that you’ve been avoiding. So after reading this, commit, not just a few min’s not just an hour, but HOURS – TODAY and every day after that until its done.


photo credit: Micah Simmons


I made a commitment to my first series, the Atlas Metamorphosis Project a long time ago… 7 years ago actually. I never thought it would take this long but I also didn’t foresee myself finding so much interest in more styles and mediums to explore. I was at a place, back then, where I was happy to find 1 style that was unique. Then I found I was trapped and wanted to branch out. Art is about exploration for me, not about staying in one place my whole life. So I have now found a couple series I like to add to. The problem with that becomes the loss of focus and consistency.

I have found that the most important aspect to our lives is focus. So…

What are you focusing on?

In this day and age multitasking is essential, I get that… but it takes a lot of discipline to focus on one task until completion but that’s really how good things get done.

So I said screw it. I’m not working on any more Iterations paintings, glass Specimens, 3D works or anything until I finish Stage 4 of 4 in the Atlas Metamorphosis. Previously I thought this meant I wouldn’t get much done for a long time but I am very pleasingly surprised at the result.

It’s astonishing, the sheer speed that this has brought to the project. What was projected to take many months has been done in days! At least 2 months turned into less than 2 weeks. It’s more than halfway done with most of that work done in this one week and now it just needs a couple more days.

You wouldn’t believe the rush I get from this. It’s wonderful. It’s FOCUS.

I think everyone can experience this joy if they force themselves into action. You will be surprised how after the first 15 minutes or even an hour or 2, you get over this mental block and all of a sudden the inspiration is there. You also start finding ways to speed up the process in real-time. Stop being so much of a perfectionist and realize after you step back, it looks just as good as if you took your slow-assed time.

photo credit: Micah Simmons

photo credit: Micah Simmons

So I wish you a Good Friday and hope you can use this post as a catalyst to move forth with that project that is clogging your creative pipes. Let me know in the comments what you think, your results, and to all the artists, please share your feedback on this. I really want to know from the artists who don’t have the many series problem: Do you just hide all your other work or do you not allow yourself to venture away from “your style”?


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    You absolutely put my dilemma on paper. I have always been creative in many ways in my life, interested in everything and easily bored. I have a history of taking on too much and not doing well or else not completing projects. I love so many mediums, as evidenced by my addiction to my supplies. I am trying to organize my studio but have so much that it is overwhelming. I do the same thing with my artworks. I have a hard time deciding which medium to focus on and then feel frustrated when something takes too long. I keep telling myself I must focus, but sometimes that feels like restriction in my mind and my mind fights it. I am glad to hear that focus for a person who seems to have the same issues has worked. It is not so frightening and restrictive when you say it is freeing and that you can work even faster. Thank you so much for your words. They have been encouraging to me, and I vow to focus in the months to come and see if it works the same for me. Thanks again…love your work. I have your calendar and really enjoy the monthly works. Have a wonderful weekend. Marilyn Lowry

      • The Fink
      • April 17, 2017

      Thank You Marilyn for your personal insight. We are fighting the same internal struggle. I can say this sort of pushing one’s self to decide on a project and commit to manifesting a certain end is very relieving, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.

      Pushing through the first couple hours or even days of this may seem really hard and forced but the hard part is usually just getting started and over the idea of something unwanted. Once I realize, “hey this is actually really what I set out to do anyway” then more thoughts like “wow, look at this, I’m really proud of it!” start getting me more motivated. Finally the super focus turns on and it actually becomes hard to pull away from the job at the end of my artwork shift.

      We are all different in when the breakthrough happens but I don’t think the “block” can last more than a couple days because after that, you see all the progress you made from not spreading to thin, and having time and attention to the one thing that you decided is most important to finish first.

      I greatly appreciate your kind words and glad you are enjoying the calendar too! Do let us know how it goes.

        • Marilyn Lowry
        • April 17, 2017

        Thanks for your reply, Vincent! I’ll let you know how i progress!

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