Art Basel Miami ’16/ Spectrum Miami/ Wynwood Walls/ Secret Walls/ Scenes Recap

Hi ya’ll! I’m back in H-Town after finishing the final leg of my #ArtTour2016 this time on the opposite coast of the US of A.

I traveled to Miami, Florida where 2 of my artworks were hanging at a satellite gallery of Art Basel, called Spectrum Miami. It was a wonderful experience. I also got to check out Thee Art Basel convention and, well honestly it was quite what I would expect. The majority of the art I saw at the main Basel was not incredibly astounding. One unexpected thing, I saw a lot of what I might call “scrappy impressionism” which was odd to see this brand resurface, if only momentarily.

I saw at least one of my favorite contemporaries, and actually the only semi-surrealist/hyper realism artist I saw in the entire convention center was Kehinde Wiley’s ‘Equestrian Portrait of Isabella of Bourbon’ oil on canvas that was a 114 in x 118 in masterpiece of the show. He really stole it, as far as great painters there. But there was, as expected, tons of cool installation and sculptural art. Just not as many great painters as I would expect.

At Spectrum, and Red Dot, which were neighboring pop-up venues, however, there was a more interesting range of weird stuff you scratch your head at and some really cool stuff. Like, cutting edge stuff. I’ve been inspired.

I only wish I had more time to jump in the very inviting water of Miami beach, where I found an inflating/deflating Portuguese man-0f-war. This winter’s beach visit was nicer than my summer in Cali!

Wynwood Walls was where the experience really happened and we had an AirBnB right nearby. It was amazing. I didn’t even bother trying to take photos of most of it cause it was so great to soak it in. I was so happy to meet up with fellow Houstonians out there, Nicky Davis, Dandee Warhol, and Up Art Studios, Noah, amazing work brothers!

Shout out to Tyler Kay, and BIG THANKS to Carla Bisong/ Bisong Gallery for getting my work into this show.

Art Basel was a trip I would will do again.

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