It’s amazing but this is what I have come to understand: You never really know what’s going on behind the scenes of life but you can trust in the fact that good things will happen if you are working with positivity and you are consistent.

It’s not enough to just think positive though, you have to know it and be stable in that vibration and work ethic.

So in the pursuit of connecting with more people (and of course needing to make a living in the process), I set out to get into some local galleries. I searched and studied for over a year before I picked one that I thought was perfect.

I wanted to be in some certain gallery a couple years ago and the owner lead me on for a while with a couple hopeful sounding emails but after about 7 months of not responding to my periodic check-ins, he finally, forcefully, gave me a stiff shoulder. Not going to lie, I let it upset me for a moment. But I kept up the work and moved on, not really pursuing anything else until more immaculate ducks were in a row.

Well as of now, the tables have turned.

That same gallery is now closed and the owner started working as an assistant for another gallery only for a short time before he got fired for being such an indecent, pompous wind-bag trying to sell his own work during another artist’s show! Desperate times I suppose, or maybe just no etiquette. Either way, not someone I would EVER want to work with, knowing that.

All the while, I have found gallery representation with Bisong Gallery and going to be in the biggest art show in the nation later this year because of it. (Art Basel Miami, here I come!!!) They have also sold my work and put me into some really nice shows. All I needed to do was keep working and take notice of those who take notice of me and work with each other. The answer was a lot less harder than I thought it was.

Now there’s still plenty of fu-fu galleries in town who see my work and tell me they love it and then blow me off. There’s a special place in hell for teases and their time is coming soon! lol Just kidding. I love you guys. It teaches me to focus on what I have that is good, which is an ability to cultivate a following, accolades, and collector base on my own.

The universe has a way of balancing things that you can’t always understand at the moment but it works, and hindsight is always 20-20. You will see, in time, why something didn’t work out and it will be a blessing in disguise if you do this:

Stay on the path that you know is true to you, be patient, and thankful for what you have, and watch the naysayers fall to the wayside as you rise up!

Images feature 3 of my works: the bear, apples, and foxes among other gallery artists at Wells Fargo Plaza (2nd largest skyscraper in Houston I might add..) courtesy of Bisong Gallery.

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