• Welcome to the online portfolio of Vincent Fink
    Award winning fine artist/graphic designer
  • Details from Iteration 31:
    Catbird (2), SOLD
  • Iteration 45
    Fox Hollow
  • Details of Man^3
    (Man Cubed), SOLD
  • Sierpinski Octahedron Sunset
    An octahedron with tetrahedrons knocked out of each side creating smaller octahedrons. SOLD
  • Iteration 14: Rhino Running Through Fields of Energy
    SOLD *prints available*
  • Iteration 9:
    Mr. Octahedron Contemplates His Dual on a Mid-Summer's Day

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3D Tetrahedron Pyramid, 1st Iteration in Sierpinski Triangle Fractal

So I’ve been messing around with these tetrahedrons I cut out of wood. I finally made 4 of them and you know what that means??!! Of course!! We get to make a Sierpinski Tetrahedral Pyramid! WOOT WOOT! So here it is. 1st iteration. I will have at least 10 total tetrahedrons to make the 2nd […]


art swirling around

there’s a butt-ton more that I just don’t want to show all at once! but here’s some peaks… here it is… works in progress… wip… when someone posts wip it means work in progress btw… and that meant by the way.


Blown Away

September just blew right past me, and October is doing the same. We invested more than ever into our Art Outside booth this year but mother nature reminded everyone who’s most in charge of these events. The show was a rained out, muddy catastrophe to say the least, but we made it out unscathed and […]


August, How Will I Know?

I’ve been loving this month. It’s such a rush for me, every year. I realize I’m on the last 1/3 of the year and I’m in a blaze of inspiration, heat, work, and fighting my way to get things done. Every day on my iCal (mac calendar) is full of all kinds of crazy bs! […]


Why DCS file format should NEVER DIE

I decided to make this post because there’s not enough on the topic. All I found last time I checked was someone saying it should to die and I hated that article. So here’s mine: This is so cool. I separate my colours in channels in any version of Photoshop, which I can near perfectly […]


Another Week…

Another Week… 3 Really Cool Events All Converge into One Great Week The above photo is from last year’s White Linen Night in the Heights to which has been one of my favorite and definitely most populated summer events and the great quality of art is amazing. The 1st White Linen Night actually changed my […]