• Welcome to the online portfolio of Vincent Fink
    Award winning fine artist/graphic designer
  • Details from Iteration 31:
    Catbird (2), SOLD
  • Details of Man^3
    (Man Cubed)
  • Sierpinski Octahedron Sunset
    An octahedron with tetrahedrons knocked out of each side creating smaller octahedrons.
  • Iteration 14: Rhino Running Through Fields of Energy
    SOLD *prints available*
  • Iteration 9:
    Mr. Octahedron Contemplates His Dual on a Mid-Summer's Day

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here’s what I’ve been up to: commission art, design work, and sold art… see something sweet at Eye Candy this Saturday at Spring St. Studios. Event info


PURGED – Art Inspired by Objects

Billie Boot left Houston and gave parting gifts to his artist friends to PURGE himself of the past he was holding onto for some unknown reasons. We were each given something that William felt was fitting. He gave me a book called Q.E.D. and I loved it! All full of mathematical proofs and geometries I […]

geometric painting

Geometric Explosion In My Head

help me get this idea out. I need to see the world through a new perspective. I want to touch life in a way that resonates with every living soul. I want this to mean something. Here’s where it started…


2015: Exploring the Imaginary

I have climbed the highest point in my journey so far, and yet so much more is ahead of me. I took a few weeks to unwind and get ready for the serious work in store for 2015 and now I’m hitting the ground running…moving ever closer to my authentic self. So the main idea […]



it’s been happening… here’s some recently sold pieces. All are acrylic on panel or canvas except one is on acrylic glass block. I am up for some commission work as well.. Will post some of those soon too!

vincent fink tips his hat with sacred geometry spilling out

Hope to See You

At the closing show this Saturday! you can still stop by the gallery from now until Oct. 25 and the closing reception will be this Saturday, Oct. 18th. Visit the event page for more info and you can also check out the Facebook event page. Parking behind the building. Don’t park at the Fire Station, […]