• Welcome to the online portfolio of Vincent Fink
    Award winning fine artist/graphic designer
  • Details from Iteration 31:
    Catbird (2), SOLD
  • Details of Man^3
    (Man Cubed)
  • Sierpinski Octahedron Sunset
    An octahedron with tetrahedrons knocked out of each side creating smaller octahedrons.
  • Iteration 14: Rhino Running Through Fields of Energy
    SOLD *prints available*
  • Iteration 9:
    Mr. Octahedron Contemplates His Dual on a Mid-Summer's Day

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Live Nude Drawing Workshop

I will be instructing this workshop tomorrow afternoon at Jomar Visions. Date & time: Sunday, August 17th, 2014 – 2pm – 6pm Cost: $59 (18 spaces left) – All materials and model will be provided. Please register in the following link (scroll down until you find the workshop and use the cart): http://www.jomarvisions.com/#!workshops/c1vtm Ever wondered [...]

3rd colour

Solo Show @ Galeria Regina – Preparation

The Skinny: Exhibition dates are from September 13 to October 25, with Receptions on September 20 and October 18 from 6pm – 9pm at Galeria Regina, 1716 Richmond Ave. Houston, Tx. Here’s a slice of one of the new pieces in the works for this show. I got tired of people asking if the guy [...]


The Big Show At Lawndale Art Center & other news

Catching up, I saw The Great God Pan Is Dead picked me for one of their top 10 pieces out of the two submissions I got into Lawndale’s The Big Show. All I can say is I’m really appreciative of my local arts community lately. It seems the faster I crank out another painting, the [...]

Iterations by Vincent Fink

Shapes of Now


Pachamama T-shirt Design Sketch

So I just felt I had to show what’s going on in the process of one of the most awesome t-shirt designs I’ve ever done. I’m too tired to give all the details but here’s some preliminary and then a chosen more thought out drawing with client’s changes. I’m sure this is going to be [...]


new geometry sunset

just a quick pic of something in the works, possibly almost done… it probably has a name but I call it a Sierpinski Octahedron cause it’s an octahedron with tetrahedrons knocked out of each side forming 6 smaller octahedrons that make up the larger one.