• Welcome to the online portfolio of Vincent Fink
    Award winning fine artist/graphic designer
  • Details from Iteration 31:
    Catbird (2), SOLD
  • Iteration 45: Fox Holo
  • Details of Man^3
    (Man Cubed), SOLD
  • Sierpinski Octahedron Sunset
    An octahedron with tetrahedrons knocked out of each side creating smaller octahedrons. SOLD
  • Iteration 14: Rhino Running Through Fields of Energy
    SOLD *prints available*
  • Iteration 9:
    Mr. Octahedron Contemplates His Dual on a Mid-Summer's Day

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Stage 4 of 4: Ink Timelapse

This is it! I finally got around to uploading the inking process from beginning to end, with some views of the final product as well. I sped up the 20 min timelapse video to just over 4 mins, so this is 5x faster than the default timelapse recording of an iPad Pro. (see the full-length […]

mr.octahedron dtl1

Iteration 1: Mr. Octahedron (intro to Sacred Geometry)

“At the earliest drawings of the fractal  curve,  few clues to the underlying mathematical structure will be seen. ” -Ian Malcolm By way of acrylic and oil paint on canvas and panel, my series of “Iterations” display life at its core geometric elements and the underlying structure of the universe. It is to say that […]


Surrealism Essay on Iteration 73: Apex Horizon

Iteration 73: Apex Horizon 36” x 48” x 1.5” acrylic & oil on eucaboard panel *available    Description: “The feminine is the matrix of creation. And yet we have forgotten, or been denied, the depths of this mystery, of how the divine light of the soul creates a body in the womb of a woman, […]


2018: New Year, New mind. (On Death)

Perhaps man’s greatest achievement is making the world seem less hellacious than it really is. – Vincent Fink It’s been a big year of change for the world, a tumultuous holiday, and a Merry Stressmas for the Finks as well. We dealt with a lot as we moved into my parent’s old house. During that process my […]


Emerging from The Void – Thoughts on Christmas

Iteration 63: Emerging from the Void In the beginning there was darkness, and then there was light… From the light came order and form. Now we are here as individual luminescent shards, units of the universe consciously observing its self. For millennia, our species has created mythology and religion to explain our place in the cosmos. When the […]


Interview with Artists of Houston Podcast

Rhonda Lanclos has taken it upon herself to interview artists around the Washington Ave. Arts District of Houston. This is where hundreds of Houston’s most prolific creators get to work and host events like 2nd Saturday Open Studios of every month and other annual events (like our holiday art party coming up on Dec. 9th, see […]