Shapes of Now

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Pachamama T-shirt Design Sketch

So I just felt I had to show what’s going on in the process of one of the most awesome t-shirt designs I’ve ever done. I’m too tired to give all the details but here’s some preliminary and then a chosen more thought out drawing with client’s changes. I’m sure this is going to be a great sacred geometry t-shirt design and depicts exactly what this out-door art/earth-energy-healing/chill-spot/musical-instrument type thing for Burning Man is all about.

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new geometry sunset

just a quick pic of something in the works, possibly almost done… it probably has a name but I call it a Sierpinski Octahedron cause it’s an octahedron with tetrahedrons knocked out of each side forming 6 smaller octahedrons that make up the larger one.

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Sacred Geometry T-shirt Design Sketches

I have this great new project in the works. I was asked by a creator who remembered me from when he bought a shirt from me at Art Outside last year to design a tee for this amazing Burning Man construction. I think I’ve given this guy a tough choice, but if he wants to bounce around some more ideas, I’m open to that as well… This is so much fun. I want clients like this all the time! The central element is the Earth energy-healing vortex creation depicting the Earth on a dodecahedron in a lotus flower. This and a ton of paintings coming soon to the site. I’ve neglected to update new paintings for a while and I want to revamp the look of the site as well… So much going on! Stay thirsty my friends.

Which one would you pick? (comment below)

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Iteration 14: Rhino Running Through Fields of Energy – Prints Available!

I’m happy to announce that high quality limited edition prints of my rhino painting are now available!

12″ x 18″ print in 18″ x 24″ mat for $165

10.66″ x 16″ in 16″ x 20″ mat for $128

10″ x 6.66″ print in 11″ x 14″ mat for $60

White 4 ply mat with a white core. Printed on Red River Polar Matte 88 lb matte paper with Epson ULTRA Chrome K3 ink.

Edition of 100 per size comes hand signed with print number on mat.

I had no idea at the time, but this black rhino went into extinction while I was working on this piece, so I feel it was a true connection with the metaphysical collective consciousness.

A must have for any art collector with a penchant for geometry and nature.

Email to request a print or buy it on etsy now.

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works of the new

got some new things I’ve been up to:

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Walk in the Rain – Custom Wedding Gift

So next time you need a great, one-of-a-kind wedding gift, here’s an idea: hit me up! I painted this one in about 9 hours (two days before the event) so it would probably have to be a special someone for this level of detail, but I can definitely make a smaller, less involved piece for a very reasonable price on custom fine art. It actually could have been significantly quicker and equally effective expressionist work, which it started out like many of my paintings, but I went a little overboard into realism with it.

This was for a long time friend’s wedding and he tipped me off that the day they met, they took a walk in the rain. I also couldn’t help myself to include the yeti! He and his friends claimed to have seen sasquatch on several occasions, so see if you can find him!

So much more in the works… stay tuned!

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Cat & birds in New York City – painting coming along

I used some photos I took in New York around Queens last time I was there for the buildings in this piece. I also learned that chain linked fences are a bitch to paint along with precise typography, apartment buildings, parakeets, and clothes lines. It’s getting redonckulous on this panel… finally about to do the foreground and be done!

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Catbird 2

Workin on this a lot lately… Gonna be doin the foreground soon and really can’t wait for it!

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The Rise of Godkite

Not sure if I ever posted this on here…

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Outside the Studio Today

This larva’s Kansas bound…

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Latest Happenings

So here’s some random photos of art and the alike that have been in the last day to weekend. Hope you enjoy.

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Iteration 24: Desert Subdivisions

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worm brigade

clearing the way for the worm brigade…

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Hive Mentality

Finally got back to some ink. 1st inked drawing of 2014.
Hive Mentality
digital colour design for sale
9″ x 12″ original b&w ink drawing for sale as well.

email me about purchasing this piece

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